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About me

I barely know what to tell about myself , the best way would be if you ask me and i answer like in an interview.
To to that just scroll/swipe down and fill out my contact form.
Other than that  here is a quick intro to what you can expect from me.
I create 3D Models, Music and Videos, Photos,Make-Up,Hairstyles,Vectors,Wallpapers,Websites,Renders  and whatever comes into my mind...

xoxo Cathy Toshlyra
Name: Cathy Toshlyra
Full name: Cathy Inanna Ishtar Toshlyra
Nicknames: Dykini , Vayjra , Padmya , Kyarma, Sugar Lips
Place of Birth: unknown
Likes: Cats ,raw meat , blood , sushi , girls , humanoid girls bodies , tech , reptiles , amphibians, gold ☉ ( color and element ), platinum ,herself , Uranus ♅ , Saturn ♄ , mercury ( element ) ☿ , venus ♀ , Anubis ( Jackal figure ) to laugh like this (kch ch ch ch )
Hates: Fur , furries , most mammals (except cats), body hair (except on scalp and eyelashes) , uptight behavior , authority and boredom.

Favorite environment: Futiristic / Scifi environments , Underwater , dark places

comfortable environment temperature: 10-15° Celsius

Special Abilities: shapeshifting , telekinesis , mind manipulation, ( she still re-learns her abilities(due to re-incarnation)... some might be discovered in the future.)

in her favorite form or BASE-Form:

Her Eyes:glowing iris / Holography effect / CD Effect , has slit pupils like a cat or reptile
Her expressions: mostly either agressive, seductive or surpised.
Her Voice: Mostly whispering but sounds like echoes from everywhere, very young and soft voice.
her favorite from Has Fangs short mid long black hair and lots of black make-up'ish pattern on on her face.
Her Scent: 40% Neutral,30% Vanilla,15% Honey,( 15% cinnamon in sustained situations ).
Saliva flavor:30% Neutral , 30% Milk/Cream , 20%Vanilla 20% Honey.
Sweat flavor: 80% Neutral ,10% Honey , 10% Vanilla.

Body Measurements:
Head: 56cm
weight: 95 lbs. (42 kg)
height: 153cm
hair: black
eyes: gray/spectral/changing
bust: 75.5cm
under-bust: 69cm
waist: 57cm
hips: 89cm
inseam: 67cm
dress: na
foot length: 21cm

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